Located in Bethel, CT. USA



Spring has sprung!

We look forward to the May Fishing Derby campout as we guard the stock on behalf of our sponsor organization, Bethel Fish & Game; keep up to date with the Calendar online.

Are you heading to summer camp? Our troop is headed to Sequassen again from August 6-12.

Remember to fill out your merit badge paperwork: http://www.ctyankee.org/fs/page/000899/meritbadgeselectionform2017.pdf

And here's the standard health form that each scout needs to have completed in order to attend: http://www.ctyankee.org/fs/page/000899/ahmr2017fillablecomplete.pdf


We would like to ask each Scout to bring in any merit badge books that they are finished with, we want to reload the Troop library. We also would like to have any old or outgrown uniform parts brought in also. If you have class A or B uniform parts to pass along, bring them in!! By working together we can make Scouting more affordable for everyone.



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