Pack 331, Albany Oregon
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How do I contact Pack 331?

The best way is to email Jill Sharp at .

Where is Pack 331 located?  

Pack 331 is located in Albany, Oregon.  Many members are from the North Albany area, but boys living elsewhere are welcome to join.

Who is Pack 331?

Pack 331 is a Cub Scout pack- boys in 1st grade through 5th grade. We are a part of the Calapooia District, which is part of the Cascade Pacific Council. Our Chartering Organization is  North Albany Community Church.  

What do you do?

Games, skits, races, camping, astronomy, computers, chess, service, parades, crafts, etc...  Pack 331 introduces boys to a variety of experiences, and shows them the skills and opportunities to do their best.  Dens meet weekly during school. Once a month the entire pack meets. Pack 331 has been awarded numerous Quality Unit awards.  Pack 331 runs by the rules of the Boys Scouts of America.

Where do I purchase Scouting supplies?

          Online Supplies:
 Boy Scouts of America online retail store.

Local Retail Supplies:
Cascade Pacific Council Store

4395 Liberty Road S.
Salem, OR 97302

(503) 692-6601 x201

Mondays 8:30-7:00pm,
Tues-Fri 8:30-5:30pm,
Closed Saturdays and Sundays.

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If you need to get a boy outfitted, you can e-mail the scout store ( to get your supplies ready.  The staff will put together what you need, and have it ready for you. You will need to supply the boy's rank, Pack (331), and Den number.

They are also willing to ship items to you, but keep in mind the cost for shipping heavy items such as books can add up quick.

What are some good Scouting websites?

Our Pack Web Site:

Our District Web Site:

Our Council Web Site:

National BSA Web Site:

The Virtual Cub Leader's Handbook: The site I use the most. It is a
reference for anything you want to know about the Cub Scout Program,
including ALL the awards, requirements, etc. Note especially the
Academics and Sports Program (Belt Loop) requirements.

The U.S. Scouting Service Project: Everything Scouting!

MacScouter: Great resources for meetings, games, songs, skits, etc. The National Scout Retail Store online. You can get
much more than at the Council Store and it will be shipped to your

Exciting Scout Craft: Den Craft and Science Projects with pictures A commercial web site (they will try to sell you stuff)
but still some good resources.

Website problems, suggestions, etc...

Contact the webmaster. This site created with Open Source Nvu.  Thanks to the former webmasters T.P. and J.V; for hosting; BSA for the logo.

Pack 331 would like to thank our Chartering Organization:
North Albany Community Church