Pack 161

Holy Guardian Angels Parish

Hyde Park, PA  ~ Hawk Mountain Council  ~  Appalachian District

Established September, 1957


















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September 19th - Bike Rodeo


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Date                         Time                                         Event                                                                          Uniform                 Host**


Aug 15                Sunday 5-8PM                Kickoff Picnic – Laurelain Park                Class B

Aug 20               Friday 7PM                     Bats Program – Gring’s mill                     Class B

Sep  19              Sunday 3pm                    Bike Rodeo Pack Mtg                               Class B               Webelos2

Oct 15-16          Fri-Sat TBA                   Flea Market-School                                 Class B

Oct 16                Sat TBA                         Halloween Party                                                               

Nov 6                 Saturday 2PM                Nolde Forest Hike                                   Class B

Nov 19-21          Fri-Sun                            Web2 Campout with Boy Scouts

Nov 21                Sunday 5PM                   Thanksgiving Feast Pack Mtg                                            Webelos1

Dec 3                Friday TBA                     Christmas Caroling                                  Class A 

Dec 19                Sunday  5pm                   Christmas Pack Mtg                                 Class A               Tigers       

Jan 16                Sunday 5pm                    Pack Mtg                                                  Class A               Wolves

Jan                     TBA                                 Klondike Derby

Jan                     TBA                                 Skating Night                                           Class B

Jan/Feb            TBA                                 Reading Royals                                          TBA

Feb 6                  Sunday  9:30                  Scout Sunday                                           Class A

Feb 20               Sunday  5pm                   Blue & Gold                                               Class A               Bears

Mar 20               Sunday  5pm                   Pinewood Derby Pack Mtg                       Class A               Webelos2

April 17             Sunday  5pm                   Pack Mtg (bake-off?     )                         Class A               Webelos1

May 15              Sunday  5pm                   Pack Graduation                                      Class A               Bears


*TBA = To be announced

** Host Den = Setup/Teardown/Snacks/Drinks/parents help serve snack.




Dietrich’s Mens Shop

Official Boy Scout Distributor

320 State Street, Hamburg PA 19526  (61North, exit into Hamburg, Turn Left on State Street, on the Left)


Hours: M, T, Th 10am-7pm,  Wed 10am-1230pm,  Fri 10am-9pm,  Sat 9am-5pm

Uniforms, books, & other miscellaneous Scout items can be purchased here.

They also sew on Patches.  **They have the new “all-in-one”161 Pack numeral patches.


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