“Scouting is a Game with a Purpose.” 


Fun is the Game.    Values are the Purpose.   Learning is the Process.


--- The Mission Statement of the Boy Scouts of America

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New Calendar! It's Tight!


Venture Game Night
Popcorn Sales Information

Philmont Rally

Kevin's Eagle Project--New Permission Slips!
New Scout April Outing
Root River April Hike
May Teambuilding Outing
June Noah's Ark Outing
Summer Camp

Venture Video Game Night

Party Party Party!

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Philmont Rally

The Milwaukee County Council, BSA is putting together plans for a contingent of Scouts, Venturers, and adults to attend Philmont for a high adventure expedition next year. You can be a part of the adventure. You are invited to an informational meeting.


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Teambuilding May Outing

May 2nd- 4th, 2008. These outings are the best!!! They're pretty much excuses to play capture-the-flag for the majority of the outing. We are playing what can only be described as a ninja-style awesome uber-capture-the-flag battle royale. In addition to this, there will be water balloon fights and things like that. It makes me sad that I can't go :-(.......

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Root River Hike

April 26th, 2008. A nice 5 mile hike. It is also a requirement to get 1st or 2nd class. Wink wink. nudge nudge. poke poke. It is also a good opportunity to get orienteering requirements signed off.

Root River Hike more info

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Noah's Ark

June 6th- 8th 2008.  Yeah. We're going to Noah's Ark. For those who don't know what Noah's Ark is, its Americas biggest water park. You also don't have to pay for the outing if you bring two of each animal. So better start gathering them.

• Noah's Ark more info

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New Scout Outing

April 11-13th, 2008 Time ta teach the shorties how ta do stuff. Work on your ranks and help the New Scouts get their Tenderfoot. A great leadership experience.

Rank Advancement Outing more info

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Kevin's Eagle Project

On April 19th Kevin will be doing his Eagle Project at Schoetz Park. He is redoing the sign area. Please come.

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Summer Camp

Its summer camp at LeFeber!! Its like a week long party! If you usually work on merit badges and gather wood and cook and light things on fire during a party. If you don't, then the rest is like a party. So come! Join the party! July 12th-19th 2008.

Summer Camp More info

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2008 SPRING Popcorn Sale


 Sale start date: March 8, 2008

Sale end date: Tuesday April 8, 2008

Pick Up:  April 2008 – more detail to follow

 Please turn your order form in to Ms. Ludwig on or by Tuesday April 8th.  No order forms will be accepted after Tuesday April 8th.


If you don’t choose a prize, Scout Bucks will be awarded.


 ·        Earn prizes or gift cards at specific levels listed on the form

·        $800 in sales: Weekend day pass to Country Springs in Pewaukee

·        $1,500 in sales: Receive an additional $50.00 gift card from Wal-Mart, BSA scoutstuff.org or a Coleman web

·        $2,500 in sales: 6% of gross sales credited to Scout’s Scholarship account



Sales hours will be between 9 am and 8 pm

You must be accompanied by an adult

 Remember to wear your uniform when selling popcorn!

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